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Your child's health insurance may be free..
Each state has a particular program to help cover qualifiying children with free or low cost health insurance.
These programs are referred to as CHIP, or Children's Health Insurance Plan.

States may differ where cost and elligibility are concerned, but most children whose family income is up to 50,000 total may be covered in full, or part, by the state. Some states require families with higher incomes to pay a low cost fee per month, and some part of the copay for prescriptions or office visits.
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Dental Insurance For Children
Dental Care
may be covered in part by CHIP, but braces, dental appliances or sports related mouth protection is typically not covered by the Childrens Health Insurance Program. If you fall outside the income guidelines to recieve free or low cost dental care for your child, you may be elligible for tax credits or state funding to help pay for your child's private dental insurance. Read More..

> Low Cost Life Insurance Lasts a Lifetime!
Your kids deserve the best life insurance you can give them..
Life insurance for your kids can follow them through life, be borrowed on in adulthood, and help pay for expenses when they are seniors. Life insurance annuities and term life insurance can help your child in many ways, and the policy gains value over time. Read More..
  Vision Insurance For Children
Vision Insurance
may be covered by the state, but only for the most basic eye care needs. Most state vision insurance does not pay for high index lenses or other specialty eyeware, unless it is prescribed by a doctor. Even then, there may still be limits on the amount of assistance CHIP will allow. Sports glasses and contact lenses are examples of these limitations on state CHIP vision insurance coverage. Read More..

Student Insurance You may also need health insurance for your college aged children You can compare plans and rates from multiple companies online..
  Health Insurance for College Kids

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